Your One Wild and Beautiful Business


That business you’ve always wanted?
It’s time to create it.

You can’t ignore it anymore. There’s a hidden talent, a spark of inspiration and a dream buried inside of you. You’re longing to pour yourself into your own creation. You want to make something meaningful in this life. You’re ready to build your flourishing, non-traditional, passion-based business.

Whether you’ve been dabbling at it off and on through the years, or have yet to start, your business is bubbling up inside you. You’re ready to act.

But the moment you so much as think those words, the fear shows up.
It’s too late
It’s too big
It’s too much to ask for
To the woman on the verge of her business breakthrough, hear this: it’s not.

Business Coaching with Heart & Soul
(and Tangible Results)

If you’re a mature women with entrepreneurial zest (matched by the wisdom of experience) traditional business models may leave much to be desired. Your business is about helping, healing and changing the world, not contributing to its downfall.

The problem is, when you ignore the wisdom of the business world entirely, you miss the opportunity to support yourself, build a movement, and have true impact.

So imagine this.

  • A rock solid business-building process that’s blended with soulful exercises and loads of heartfelt support.
  • Tangible, step-by-step guidance and business mentoring that takes you from grinding it out, to running your business like a (loving, heart-centred) CEO.
  • A space for you and other mature entrepreneurial women, where it’s safe to be vulnerable, acceptable to be wildly successful, and necessary to thrive.
  • Business coaching that always, always connects you to your purpose.
Awaken the potential of an extraordinary business.

Gina Ross brings her Joy, Heart and Intuition to her coaching practice. She provides the space and the support allowing creativity, choice and possibility for her clients. She encourages self-discovery and awareness through play and fun. Her ability to listen below the surface and compassionately share the reflection is invaluable to me as a client and a coach. Gina partners with me to create plans, projects and actions that not only support me in achieving my goals, but also challenges me to “go bigger!

Vanessa G Phillips, MBA

Life Coach, Declare Possibilities Coaching

Gina Ross Coaching

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