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You know, down to your very core, that you want to build a successful business. Your work is your purpose and your path, and you’re ready for it to have a far deeper impact on the world.

Unfortunately, there are at least two major hurdles your spirit can’t seem to clear:

You think you’re too old to start down the entrepreneurial path (or keep walking along it without fulfillment). You’re worried the time has passed. You’re considering giving it up, even though the thought of walking away makes you want to weep.

You don’t want to run a traditional business. You’ve seen the damage big business has done to the world, and you want nothing to do with it. You want a business with soul, not a sales-driven, heartless machine.

Darling, I understand.

I felt the call of heart-based entrepreneurship from the time I entered the workforce, but it took almost 20 years of struggle and doubt to get where I am today.

Along the way I started and ran multiple “businesses” in everything from bookkeeping, to childcare, to clinical counselling, but I was always plagued by my own misgivings – about myself, and the world. I even completed a diploma in small business management, thinking that a gap in education was the problem.

It wasn’t. I kept dabbling and barely getting by, and kept fearing failure at every turn.

Finally, I walked away – I found a safe, bureaucratic job, and laid down my dream of something bigger and more beautiful.

Like all spiritual journeys, it took an abrupt moment of enlightenment to ignite the fire that was still burning just below the surface.

Rather than plug away at a job, write another business plan, or lament what could have been, I turned all of my curiosity inward. I committed to a year of highly rigorous personal development and self-work. And one by one, I knocked down all of the fears, conflicts, stories and limiting beliefs that were blocking my path.

I cleared my hurdles, not by pushing onwards or giving up, but by going inwards.

And now, I want to do that for you.

Awaken, Envision and Embody your Business

Your One Wild and Beautiful Business is a series of business mentorship programs that cover all of what it takes to be successful in business.

Each program has a strong practical element – I put my education and experience to work and together, we close the gap in your business education.

More importantly, however, my programs focus on you – your alignment, your heart, your perceived limitations and your greatest aspirations.

You are not separate from your business, and your clarity, confidence and commitment will determine its success. So that’s where we start.

I employ a blend of ontological coaching, counselling, and facilitation with my clients – each relationship is custom tailored to what you actually need to take your business from a painful, forgotten dream, to a powerful reality.

Some weeks we may map out the tangible process of building your budget, while others we’ll look exclusively at how you’re playing against your own success, and develop practices to shift your focus. Whatever you actually need to launch and run your business, we’ll take on together.

We all walk a path in life. If soulful entrepreneurship is yours, don’t wait 20 years to take your first step.

If you’ve always been driven to create something extraordinary, and will not wait one single minute longer: welcome.

Let’s talk.

Because this mentorship is my sacred work, I only partner with a maximum of three mentees a year. Alignment is everything.

Achieve your Dreams

You know, down to your very core, that you want to build a successful business. Your work is your purpose and your path, and you’re ready for it. Let me help you realize your dreams.

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