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When Sally Field accepted her best actress Oscar for Places in the Heart in 1984, she famously said to an audience of Hollywood stars and power-brokers, “you like me! Right now, you like me!” My career, though not rewarded with gold hardware and glam, has been a similar path of approval-seeking, a desperate bid for validation. Until, that is, I began to work with Gina.

I sought Gina’s coaching when I was feeling ‘stressed out’ about an interview for a job that would advance my career. In our sessions together, I came to quickly see that my anxiety was not that the job was a step up in my career and the stakes felt high. Advancement can be stressful but the more significant reason for my anxiety – near panic, really – was a compulsion to seek approval. It was a compulsion because I could not find approval within myself and so I needed to seek it elsewhere.
Through careful listening on Gina’s part and her skill with guiding me through exercises that are practical and led to useful insights, a different ‘me’ showed up at the interview, one not focused on finding approval but on the opportunity to explore, to effectively interact with others, and even to have fun. In a job interview! Imagine that.

I carry those valuable lessons with me in other aspects of my life and career. Gina’s gift for helping me to weed through my old ways of thinking to find renewal and hope remain instrumental as my career unfolds. She is indeed a skilled and insightful coach.


Gina Ross brings her Joy, Heart and Intuition to her coaching practice. She provides the space and the support allowing creativity, choice and possibility for her clients. She encourages self-discovery and awareness through play and fun. Her ability to listen below the surface and compassionately share the reflection is invaluable to me as a client and a coach. Gina partners with me to create plans, projects and actions that not only support me in achieving my goals, but also challenges me to “go bigger!

Vanessa G Phillips, MBA

Life Coach, Declare Possibilities Coaching

Gina helped me gain clarity about what was holding me back in my life, and then supported me in creating a new mindset to make different choices. I was letting my old ways hold me back from my future goals and desires, and since working with Gina I have learned to love and approve of myself enough that I am now allowing myself to live a more authentic life.  I am stronger, more clear and now take charge of my future. Gina was amazing at understanding and listening to what I was saying. She helped me break through my own barriers that had been holding me back for years. I am still in touch with Gina as her encouragement and passion for life drives me to continue my journey and follow my passion. I highly recommend hiring her as your coach if you are ready to leave the past behind and move forward with your life in a more authentic way.


It’s hard to not sound cheesy when you say someone changed your life. But that’s what Gina did. Gina’s coaching helped me identify blocks I didn’t even know existed. She held up a mirror and allowed me to see myself for the first time in years. Why WASN’T I giving myself permission to live my fullest life? Why HAD I taken on other people’s stories as my own? After tears and revelation, my passion to pursue my real purpose in life was jump-started, electrified, and my life changed dramatically for the better. My work, my health, my relationships and my overall sense of happiness benefited, I am I so thankful that the universe brought Gina into my life. Thank you!


Gina and I embarked on weekly sessions to plan out sets of goals, a course of exploration and milestones towards meeting those goals. I explored how her style of coaching could impact my life, and soon realized the process could do a lot to unlock my potential; and allow me to realize my goals.

I discovered a great deal about myself. Gina’s capacity to appreciate where I needed to go in the coaching was really great as I confronted a lot of unprocessed baggage, grief and negative self talk. Our work together uncovered my triggers and barriers that I put in the way of realizing my goals in life. The exercises she coached with helped me find a new way forward and to move toward a new state of being. As time progressed, I found myself reacting differently in situations and making more positive choices about how my life unfolded.

Gina’s kindness and compassion was infectious. I put so much headspace to blaming myself for all of the circumstances that I found myself in, that I had no room to move, evolve or escape my previous patterns. Gina taught me to be compassionate towards myself, and that helped me learn to be compassionate towards the others in my life.

I recommend working with Gina to help you better understand yourself and how you can better navigate towards your goals as you begin to unlock your potential.


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