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4 Months to Lay the Foundation For your Wild and Beautiful Business

Diving into entrepreneurship may seem overwhelming, especially if you’re striving to avoid the pitfalls of traditional businesses.

So we’ve made it blissfully easy for you.

In this 4 month coaching and mentorship program, we’ll meet weekly to do the work you’ve been putting off (or been too afraid to start). Together, we’ll:

  • Define your business (what is it you actually do?)
  • Develop your programs
  • Decide on pricing
  • Write your Vision, Mission and Values
  • Define your true, authentic voice in the world

You’ll also receive coaching on sticky entrepreneurial topics like:

  • Money mindset
  • Charging what you’re worth
  • Boundaries
  • Courage and fear
  • Self-care

At the end of 4 months, you’ll have a business that’s aligned with your values, unique to your gifts, and free from the old stories and limitations that were holding you back.

You can keep grinding away, hoping that you’ll magically wind up with the income, reach and impact you’ve always wanted.

Or you can envision your business and bring it to life, today.

Investment: $3,000

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Achieve your Dreams

You know, down to your very core, that you want to build a successful business. Your work is your purpose and your path, and you’re ready for it. Let me help you realize your dreams.

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